The Powell Legacy

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Legacy Rules

Using the Pinstar rules

  • Start with $1800
  • Heirs can be both male and female
  • Strict traditional
  •  No cheats, but can do the lottery and money tree (only if the sim has a level 10 grading skill)
  • Family must remain on the same lot
  • all children of the heir traits are randomized
  • Members that are moved in can bring in money but no more than 20,00

Chapter 4: See My Friends

It’s been a boring winter so far, but a least I got to make a snowman. And snow!!! I hadn’t seen snow in what felt like years.

And with my very first snowman (or women) of the season done. Who looks just like my Grandmother. I went back inside.

And just like that I painted, and painted, i was already a level six. And

After that I went and painted, i’m already a level 6, and to say just a couple months ago I couldn’t even hold a brush. Anyways in the middle of my work I got a call from Jade, telling me about some festival 30 minutes away, and wondering if I’d come.

“I mean why not” I responded

And so off I went to the city.

Jade, and I meet up, and the spice festival was gorgeous, the city was gorgeous I defiantly had to come more.

“So C, how are you and Mathew?”

What is it with her interest in him all of the sudden she lives with two of the most eligible guys in Windenburg, and yet their she goes we’ve been here five minutes and all she wants to talk about is my guy. Well he’s not my guy yet at least.

“Good I guess we talk a bit last week. How are you and Pablo?” I asked.

She laughed “Oh were not together, anyway you need to try the food” she said pulling me across the street.

Once I got food, I diced to sit by this red head.

“Hi is anyone sitting here?” I asked.

“No I was just about to leave.”

Then she just stormed off.

I sat down and so did Jade, the food what ever it was (I think it was some sort of taco) was amazing. Jade and I caught up, it was nice.

“Now for the real reason I brought you here” she said.

“Wait were not here for the food?”

“That two, but here in San Myshuno the bubble blower is legal”

“The what?” I asked.

And next thing I knew there it was a bubble blower, Jade was so exited maybe a little too exited.

I mean it looked easy, okay Jade made it look easy. I how ever was having trouble. And decided to stop once I swallowed a bit of the “juice” and was coughing up bubbles for the next ten minutes. And a very high Jade could not stop laughing. Other than that it was a really fun night, Just won’t ever do the bubble blower again.

Chapter 1.1 Sunny Afternoon

  Caitlyn Annalise Powell, was looking at her phone trying to keep herself occupied. She still could not believe that she and her bank would let her spend all her money on a huge plot of land in the middle of Windenburg and finally got out of  stuffy Sunset Valley.  The active, art lover was ready to see what Windenburg had to offer, but first wanted to explore her new lot, and make a bit of money since she only had 25 simoleons. 


As she looked around Caitlyn finally saw something that could make her money, she tried her best to dig, and she was exited when she found a crystal worth 50 simoleons. She ran around her neighborhood exploring everything, when she first found the most beautiful waterfall she had ever seen in her 19 years on this earth.

 Then she spotted the fishing spot, and thought she lucked out. For a person who would rather be inside she was really enjoying fishing, even though she didn’t catch anything, she though the view was worth it, even with the blisters  on her hands.

Near the water were a couple of mushrooms, and some lemon trees ripe and ready for the picking,  Caitlyn was exited to harvested and start a small garden of her own.  

With the garden completed, and the jet lag from traveling to Europe, Caitlyn was ready for bed, “night night new home” 

*Authors note, sorry for this being so boring I promise this story will get way more exiting