The Powell Legacy

Artboard 1

Legacy Rules

Using the Pinstar rules

  • Start with $1800
  • Heirs can be both male and female
  • Strict traditional
  •  No cheats, but can do the lottery and money tree (only if the sim has a level 10 grading skill)
  • Family must remain on the same lot
  • all children of the heir traits are randomized
  • Members that are moved in can bring in money but no more than 20,00

1.8 Took my baby home

Felix was such an easy going baby. He really cried and always seemed happy to see me. The past months with him have been amazing.

Matt has also been off of work for family leave. It’s been great having him around with the baby. Matt’s going back to work in the next two weeks though. He’s looking forward to it, Matt always loved what he’s doing, even if its some boring office.

This morning we were watching a movie. I forgot what it’s called, oh well. I was okay not my favorite thing.

“You know we never came up with what we were going to do for Felix’s birthday?”

“What honey?”

“Felix’s party. I can’t believe he’s almost a toddler, he’s gooten so big.”

“He really has, speaking of which I should probably go check on him.”

Matt went into Felix’s room, and checked up on the little bean. All of a sudden that happy little face, started to wale, but with a quick diaper change he was all right.

“There there little man daddy’s got you”

I’m going to miss this getting to spend my days with my two boys.

1.7 Baby Face

Matt moved into the house. The newly expanded house. Look at it its so cute, I can’t believe that less then 5 months ago this house was just a tiny box. I have an actually living room, two bathroom and a nursery for the baby.

The first trimester was okay I guess. I was too sick to go outside. Like I would have wanted to anyways it was one of the coldest winters on record. Matt worked a lot more than I though. He was up for a big promotion and thought the extra money would help our little family.

I also have been obsessed with cheese. Everything cheese mac n cheese, cheese sticks oh and grilled cheese. I am obsessed with grilled cheese. The weird thing is i’ve had multiple dreams about the sandwich, and have even painted it.

Matthew has been a huge help during all of this. He’s done grocery runs every time he gets off of work. We’ve also watched a ton of movies, my favorite is about a lost dog. I think I’ve made Matt watch it at least 12 times this week alone. He hates it, mostly because I start balling my eyes out at the end when the dog finds his family. Matt picked the movie, some adventure flicked.

“You know El Salvdora souds like a pretty cool place to go to.”

“Maybe” I said.

The second trimester came around, and I was feeling a lot better. Matthew got a promotion and was out a lot more. I chose to paint, and paint and paint. Actually I finally got to level ten in the skill. My paints have also gotten a lot more popular so the money from that has been helping to.

The third trimester was miserable, I could barely get out of bed, and could not keep anything down. Matthew wasn’t feeling well ether between work and the baby on the way the stress was really getting to him.

Towards the being of February my water finally broke. The baby was well on its way.

The hospital was not as crowded as I thought it would be. You would think it would be packed on a Saturday night. Matthew was freaking out, I think this whole father thing is really getting to him. I however want to get this thing out of me.

Luckily our doctor has been doing this for years. I had no compilations during delivery. Matthew and I heard horror stories about the machine taking out people’s heart instead of their kid.

I was surprised how fast it went. I got to hold my beautiful baby boy. I can’t describe what that’s like, you just have to know. Matt and I had to decide on a name after much debate we came up with Felix Drew Powell. Felix after my grandfather, Drew dr is where he grew up and he inherited my last name because of the legacy.

1.6 You really got Me

It was right around Christmas the next time I saw Matt. He came around my door and gave me a Christmas gift, a book “The Spy Who Loved Measles.” It was a mystery book, and didn’t sound half that bad ether. I didn’t get him anything, but I did have a painting, and so.

“Cate you didn’t have to get me anything” he said as I gave him the gift.

“I know, Its not much just something I made. I hope you like it.” I replied, as he opened the gift.

“Cate you you didn’t have to do this, oh my watcher this is amazing”

We started hanging out more, and more. Matt would come over once a week, then every couple days, then everyday. I enjoy being around that dorky smile. Oh i’m in love, if only I knew how to make the first move. Anyway that cold December was one to remember. Then one day durring a snowball fight, he wanted to talk.

“Hey Cate hanging out with you over the past month has been amazing.”

“It has” I said looking at those deep brown eyes, oh I could stare at those eyes forever.

“Cate we’ve been hanging out a lot more, and I was thinking making it offical.”

“Wait like your girlfriend official?”

“Yah, I really like you Cate, I’ve like you for a while now. I just didn’t know how to ask you.” He said.

I got swept up in the moment, and well I kissed him. I kissed him, me! Oh my watcher this day couldn’t have gotten better. It was amazing.

We had a date three days after that, a cut little park right behind my house. I had no idea it was even there. And it was amazing Matt is such a gentleman, we ate, and talked. Just talked about our life goals, and dreams. I told him about my legacy aspirations, and love of art. He way impressed, he said he had a friend in collage that was a legacy kid. Oh and that not the only thing that hapend.

I went on with my life after that moment, that amazing moment. I went on with my life, painting, but I kept getting sick all the time. I also didn’t help that he hadn’t texted me in two days. I get that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for a guy that texted me everyday this was huge. Did he lose interest in me? Am I not good enough for him? Oh my watcher I feel sick.

Okay he texted me back, apparently there was something going on at work. He said he’ll come over today. Well crisis avoided. Anyway I’m to sick to care. I don’t know what to do, I can’t keep anything down, I don’t think it’s a stomach bug, because Its been going on for the past week and a half.

I’ve tried texting Jade about it, but you know i’m pretty sure she blocked me. I mean she eloped with some douche bag, i’m not going to give her support. Don’t get me wrong I love Jade she’s my best friend, but she’s so irrational. I don’t get it, she barely knows him. What they meet for months ago.

Wait… What if i’m pregnant? Okay that crazy Cate calm your self down. I mean you and Matt always used protection…wait. That bush. Shit Cate, calm yourself down you don’t know for sure. Just take a pregnancy test just to make sure.

I was shaking as I read it.. I was pregnant. Okay Cate, your going to be a mom a mom. I started to cry, this child, is mine, it’s Matt’s. Matt. I froze in my bathroom. How am I going to tell him? I mean he is coming over today isn’t he?

There he was as amazing as ever, I don’t know how I lucked out. I better not lose him over this, this kid our kid. Out of no where I started to cry.

“Cate what’s wrong?”

“Matt…” Just say the words Caitlyn your a big girl.

“Matt i’m pregnant” I waited nervously for his response. Oh what if he leaves me? Oh my watcher I can’t take this. Matt was frozen, he finally spoke up.

“Cate thats amazing.” he said with that famous smile of his.

“Really your not going to leave me?” I blurted out.

“Why would you ever think that Cate? I love you and I love this kid. Our kid! I would never leave you. I love you Caitlyn. ”

“I love you too” and in that moment I knew he was the one.

1.5 It’s too late

Today was the yearly flee market, and with the new renovation underway, could there have been a more perfect time for it. If only I didn’t run into him.

“Hey Cate” he said with that adorable smile.

“Hi Matthew, what are you doing here you’ve never seemed like the Flee market type.”

“Oh i’m just here for work” he said. “I was going to call, but do you want to do something I don’t know Friday maybe”.

OH MY WATCHER!!! DID HE JUST ASK ME OUT!!!! OMW keep it cool Caitlyn keep it cool.

“Yes!!, I mean that sounds fun.” I said trying to seem at least a little bit cool.

“Well see you round Cate.” and like that he was gone.

The rest of the was fun, I tried to haggle, but I just couldn’t I guess i’m too nice. I did however by a really cute lamp, so the trip was a success. There was even a both were you could sell paintings next time, should sell some of mine.

After about three hours in the city I finally went home. My newly expanded home.

How cozy is this am I right? Even though it’s only three rooms it’s my three rooms. And I finally have a stove.

Well I ate a bit of a snack, and watched some TV, before going to eat with Jade. Oh I guess I forgot all about that.

I got their and Jade was already there

“Hey girly” she said.

We caught up a little before, the hostess finally took us to our table.

We order first, I as all ways was clueless on what to get, so after flipping through the menu for what felt like ages I just got a salad.

“Is this your first time?” Jade said looking up from her menu.

“Yah, I have no idea what to get. I was just gonna get a salad.”

“Their salads are okay, but they are known for their fish.”

With Jade’s advice I chose the lemon pepper tilapia, she went their cod.

“So.” she said after we placed our order.

“I eloped!”

“What?” I screamed.

“Caitlyn keep your voice down.”she said.

“My best friend eloped and I haven’t even meet the guy yet!”

“You have, do you remember Marcus?”

“Your roommate yah, you would always complain about how much of a jerk he is.”

“Well people change, I finally really got to know him, and not just for the occasional hook up. We feel in love and well…”

“Jade” I blurted out. “He’s not right for you, not him.”

Tears started falling in her eyes, as she got up to leave. “I you can’t expect it then don’t talk to me agin.”

She stormed out of the restaurant, as our waiter came with our desert.

1.9 It’s All Right

Matt finally went back to work, and it was me and little Felix. I didn’t mind I got to spend my dad with the little guy though. Expect every time Matt would leave for work Felix would start wailing, and wouldn’t stop till I held him.

Speaking of the little guy it’s his birthday today and all 0f Matt’s family has come over. I really don’t mind there all super sweet. Matt extremely lucky he grew up in a huge loving family. His father Mark, mother Emma, sisters Abbot, Abbey-Rae, brothers Dylan, Josh, and Liam-Parker.

Oh my watcher! The day for my baby boy to age up is finally here.

Even Abbot came, even though. She was studding down in South America she’s smart as a wip, but super cold. Matt always talks about how she’s going to rule the world someday. I however don’t see it.

Little did the young family know that that you girl would be the cause of their bigest problem.

Introducing toddler Felix, trait clingy. All the rest of the party Felix would not leave mine or Matt’s side. He wouldn’t even go to grandma or “mimi” as he calls here.

The party ended and after saying goodbye to the family, I convinced Matt to let me cut Felix’s hair which was way to long. After an hour of kicking and screaming not only did I get his haircut but I finally got him in clothes that actually matched. That’s when knew I was in for a wild ride.

1.10 The World Keeps Going Round

Matthew got another huge promotion. He was rising through the ranks quickly. Which is amazing for our family however I still don’t know what he does, or even where he works! I’ve asked him about it time and time again, and he just completely blows the question off.

“It’s not important, it’s just a boring office job, that pays decently, and has good hours so I can be around what really matters.”

That’s when he would kiss me on the check, and try to divert the conversation. I don’t get it why is it such a big deal; it’s a job. And it’s not like he has normal office hours ether, he works from 2:00 to 10:00, what kind of office works those hours.

It makes me wonder what’s really going on with him. Is it that he some sort of criminal? Is it that he’s seeing some one else? Does he another kid, family, life away from us? Oh my Wathcer I’m getting my self worked up again.

He should at least tell me we’re he works right? We’ve been together for two and a half years, we have a kid. A beautiful perfect kid.

I was on the verge of tears, but seeing him, getting to be with him put a hug smile on my face. He’s my world, and I’m so glad that between Matthew’s mysterious job and my art I can stay home with him. Even if sometimes he drives me crazy.

Like last week I tried to potty train him. Felix is I swear more stubborn than I am. This kid after trying to talk him through it, get up with out his dipper and starts running around the house. After chasing after him for a good 15 minutes he finally came back.

Sure it was kind of cute the first time however after the third it was getting old fast. After having to drag him upstairs, he would laugh and go back to the potty. This point I had enough, Felix I think realized that and I didn’t have any problems for the rest of the night.

If there is one thing Felix hates more than potty training it is bed time. Since Matthew doesn’t get home until 11:00, Felix never gets to see him.

“Mommy where’s dada?”

“He’s at work, he’ll be home when your asleep.”

“But I want to see him now!”

“Well the sooner you go to sleep the sooner Daddy will be home.”

And like that the little wiggle worm, stayed perfectly still as I red him his favorite story “The Found Blue Shoe” Next thing I knew he was fast asleep. I kissed him, then quietly left the room.

Even with all the tantrums and tears I am so blessed that I get to be called mom.

Chapter 4: See My Friends

It’s been a boring winter so far, but a least I got to make a snowman. And snow!!! I hadn’t seen snow in what felt like years.

And with my very first snowman (or women) of the season done. Who looks just like my Grandmother. I went back inside.

And just like that I painted, and painted, i was already a level six. And

After that I went and painted, i’m already a level 6, and to say just a couple months ago I couldn’t even hold a brush. Anyways in the middle of my work I got a call from Jade, telling me about some festival 30 minutes away, and wondering if I’d come.

“I mean why not” I responded

And so off I went to the city.

Jade, and I meet up, and the spice festival was gorgeous, the city was gorgeous I defiantly had to come more.

“So C, how are you and Mathew?”

What is it with her interest in him all of the sudden she lives with two of the most eligible guys in Windenburg, and yet their she goes we’ve been here five minutes and all she wants to talk about is my guy. Well he’s not my guy yet at least.

“Good I guess we talk a bit last week. How are you and Pablo?” I asked.

She laughed “Oh were not together, anyway you need to try the food” she said pulling me across the street.

Once I got food, I diced to sit by this red head.

“Hi is anyone sitting here?” I asked.

“No I was just about to leave.”

Then she just stormed off.

I sat down and so did Jade, the food what ever it was (I think it was some sort of taco) was amazing. Jade and I caught up, it was nice.

“Now for the real reason I brought you here” she said.

“Wait were not here for the food?”

“That two, but here in San Myshuno the bubble blower is legal”

“The what?” I asked.

And next thing I knew there it was a bubble blower, Jade was so exited maybe a little too exited.

I mean it looked easy, okay Jade made it look easy. I how ever was having trouble. And decided to stop once I swallowed a bit of the “juice” and was coughing up bubbles for the next ten minutes. And a very high Jade could not stop laughing. Other than that it was a really fun night, Just won’t ever do the bubble blower again.